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Harvard Graphics

If you are looking for Harvard Graphics, you have come to the right place. We explain what Harvard Graphics is and point you to the official download.

What is Harvard Graphics?

Harvard Graphics combines text, graphs and charts in one graphics program. Harvard Graphics supports people who want to conduct collective presentations with text slides, charts based on numeric data, and graphics drawn with different tools. In previous years, the results were typically sent to a slide printer or a color plotter to use in making transparencies. Over time, capabilities were added to present slide shows from the program itself. Thanks to OLE (Object Linking and Embedding); users can simply drag-and-drop their images and charts between all of the programs included in Pro Presentations. They can do this to any presentation graphics, desktop publishing, word processing or other standard PC applications.

Harvard Graphics Pro Presentations is a suite containing Harvard Graphics Advanced Presentations 3, Harvard Graphics ChartXL 3, Serif PhotoPlus 8, Serif MediaPlus 1 and the Harvard Graphics Advanced Presentations Viewer. The adaptability and ease-of-use of Harvard Graphics and Serif software make it easy to create presentations for overhead transparencies, PCs, 35/mm slides, paper output or the web. Pre-built templates and Design Tips ensure powerful and persuasive presentations.

Download Harvard Graphics from the developer

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File types supported by Harvard Graphics

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About file types supported by Harvard Graphics

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Last updated: : December 7, 2022