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GstarCAD Professional

If you are looking for GstarCAD Professional, you have come to the right place. We explain what GstarCAD Professional is and point you to the official download.

What is GstarCAD Professional?

GstarCAD Professional is a graphics editor designed to supply strong graphic editing power to users without draining their system resources, not least through the integration of a high-performance, high-efficiency graphics engine. It also has memory optimizers in place to assist user systems in the allocation of RAM to graphics processors. Another major feature of the program is a modular architectural design, which translates to fewer instances of program crash and much easier problem-solving.

The Pro version of the software differs from the standard in that it is capable of rendering, has solprof/soldraw/solview support, and is able to model and edit ACIS data. Most CAD formats are supported, including the typical DWG and DXF formats for CAD users. More than a few APIs are supported by the program too, giving programmers several possible entryways for modifying the program to suit their needs. Other features are the ability to use password protection, a file recovery and auditing option, eTransmissions, customizable menus and interface design, tool palettes for easy access to often-used controls, 3D surfaces, and ActiveX support. There is an edition of it for 64- bit architectures as well.

Download GstarCAD Professional from the developer

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File types supported by GstarCAD Professional

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About file types supported by GstarCAD Professional

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Last updated: : July 25, 2014