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GemCad Application

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What is GemCad Application?

GemCad is a computer-aided design (CAD) program for faceted gemstones. The software can also form diamonds aside from colored gems. The apparatus for diamond cutting is very specialized and rough since diamond is the hardest substance. However, the design principles are very alike. GemCad runs on PCs compatible with Microsoft Windows 95 or later. Its ultimate creation is an accurate faceting diagram that can be supplied to a faceting machine which can perform the cutting procedure. With GemCad, users can produce a faceting diagram exactly similar to the gemstone pictured and with accurate angles, dimensions and indexes.

GemCad recognizes symmetry, so users have to “cut” only a fraction of the facets to obtain the complete design. It can track paths of light rays through the stone to let users apply how to optimize a design to reduce light loss. GemCad is restricted to convex designs that can be cut on any available faceting machine with a flat lap. GemCad can access the Datavue II database of facet designs installed on the users’ system. However, it doesn’t include a feature to form curved surfaces or notches.

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Last updated: : November 27, 2014