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What is form-Z?

The form-Z software from AutoDesSys is a form generating solution—that is, a program that can be used for 3D modelling. It boasts an intelligent interface designed to aid users in their work, an entirely parametric as well as dynamic process of generating 3D forms, persistent manipulability in the forms being made even after they have been generated, and a reshaping utility whose capabilities are strengthened by real-time Boolean operations.

The software also has a new set of advanced NURBS tools that include the NURBS analysis utility. Formula tools that can be used in mathematically-driven form generation combined with a library of predefined “starting” shapes. Directly editable and moveable form components are available too.

The program’s interface is customizable, and users can save their preferred workspaces as well for quick access. Layout sheet-based design, a shaded working environment, and non-destructive model cutting are all possibilities with the software. A Sun Palette helps users designing buildings simulate natural light conditions at any given time of the day and year for more environmentally-aware design, and users can animate their generated models in order to render them more dynamic and appealing in presentations.

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