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What is Flypaper?

Developed by Flypaper Studio, Flypaper software is a suite of application widely known as a content creation program. It has digital content creator, digital signage solution and content management system that allow users to create digital content as well as schedule, deliver, manage and monitor that content from a single location. The program offers support for premium components and content repository features.

Flypaper is composed of component softwares such as the Scheduler, Dashboard and the FlyPlayer. The Scheduler allows users to schedule which content plays where and when. The Dashboard enables users to monitor each of the displays from a single location with reports on network and device health as well as proof-of-play. On the other hand, the FlyPlayer is useful to process and play content sent from the Flypaper Scheduler.

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File types supported by Flypaper

Our users primarily use Flypaper to open these file types:

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