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DynaComm Connectivity Series

If you are looking for DynaComm Connectivity Series, you have come to the right place. We explain what DynaComm Connectivity Series is and point you to the official download.

What is DynaComm Connectivity Series?

The DynaComm Connectivity Series, created by Futuresoft, is a series of programs that provides solution for connectivity purposes. It has FTP support, emulation type sand printing functions. In addition, this software has offered a centralized deployment and management tools for mainframe-based systems. Also, it features green-screen applications to thin clients, Windows PCs, through the Web, Unisys, Unix Servers, HP, or for IBM.

The DynaComm Connectivity Series are DynaComm Connectivity Series® 9 (DCS 9), DynaComm® UTS and Web-UTS, DynaComm® T27 and Web-T27, Pocket TFTP Server, and TFTP Server 2000.

DynaComm Connectivity Series® 9 or DCS 9 supports a variety of emulations, file transfers, and connectors which include SSH1, SSH2, and Transport Layer Security (TLS). It provides solution for PC and Web-to-host connectivity for Windows Vista operating system.

Overall, the DynaComm Connectivity Series® 9 or DCS 9 features a multi-session speed and reliability, custom keyboard mapping, custom menu editor, custom toolbar editor, custom hotspot editor, OLE compliance, event-driven scripting language, high degree of scalability and flexibility, ActiveX support, visual Basic 5.0 interface, support across all emulations, architecture, and standalone FTP component.

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Last updated: : November 8, 2013