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DAZ Studio

What is DAZ Studio?

DAZ Studio is 3D illustration software that lets users manipulate, tweak and combine preset models, objects, and backgrounds in order to produce computer-generated imagery. The software is free and is often used not only to produce 3D art but also as a digital studio for artists requiring reference images for their illustrations: they can select models to “pose” for them using the program and then adjust settings such as lighting and textural effects. Since images are 3-dimensional, users can also move their views as one would in the real world, altering camera angles within the environment while preserving realism in the image. These options permit users to employ the program for quick storyboarding or even to generate custom art in a flash.

The program works with “Bundles”, which are packages of various presets that include figures, ornaments or weapons, environments. The company offers users 4 starter bundles of presets organized into themes: the Anime Bundle, the Photo Realism Bundle, the Haunt Bundle, and the Fantasy Bundle. Other bundles may be downloaded from the company—like the Anatomy Bundles and Superhero Bundle—but are generally not free.

The software also includes tutorials to those new to CGI illustration. Registration is required to download the program.

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