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Clip Studio Paint is the Japanese release name for Manga Studio, a graphics program from CELSYS. The software is specifically targeted at Japanese comic (or manga) creators, as may be seen from the name, although it can be used for a variety of other implementations. Still, the focus on comic creation may be seen in the inclusion of such specific tools as layout utilities and helpers as well as halftone presets. The program also includes a conversion feature that can turn full-color images into halftone “manga-style” ones. Furthermore, there are preset templates for quick frame layouts as well as line tools for “action lines”.

The program supports multiple-core and 64-bit systems for both the Mac and Windows. As with other graphics programs, the workspace and the GUI can be rearranged and tweaked to the user’s preferences. Clip Studio Paint also has a feature for changing the dominant interface color. It has support for PSD files. Pose-able 3D models are included with tweakable settings and proportions for artistic reference. And in keeping with the comic-centric design, specific tools for creating speech bubbles are available, as is a feature for the management of more than one page.

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