ChromasPro Application

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What is ChromasPro Application?

ChromasPro is a genetics researcher’s tool: designed to pull heavy weight in complex DNA sequencing projects, the software is basically capable of displaying, visualizing, assembling, editing and analyzing sequence data exported from other DNA research tools. It is compatible with various sequence formats, from the GenBank to the SwissProt formats, and it can both export and import files falling under these types. It also performs certain research processing functions automatically to save the user time and effort: for example, it will not only assemble sequences that overlap into a consensus but will also seek out all ambiguities so that the user can edit them afterwards. It can create different types of fragments, fragment maps, restriction sites, and so on. And of course, it can also search the NCBI site for protein BLAST data.

Users can also print various data presentations from the program, including fragment maps and chromatograms. Other options for exporting data from the program for reporting purposes include direct copy+paste into other applications—even parts of chromatograms can be selected for this sort of copying. The program is only compatible with Windows computing systems, however,

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File types supported by ChromasPro Application

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Last updated: : September 19, 2014