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Chem3D Ultra

If you are looking for Chem3D Ultra, you have come to the right place. We explain what Chem3D Ultra is and point you to the official download.

What is Chem3D Ultra?

Chem3D Ultra is a common name for ChemBio3D Ultra, an application bundled into the ChemBio3D Ultra 14.0 Suite from Perkin Elmer. The suite is essentially a collection of programs that facilitate calculation and exploration of molecular visualizations for biologists and chemists.

ChemBio 3D Ultra in itself is the molecular modeler in the package. It provides the user with the means to visualize complex protein and DNA structures for the purpose of presentation, demonstration or analysis. Besides being capable of realizing molecular visuals, the application also allows users access to myriad lab calculations for analytical data processing. The user can perform Stochastic conformational sampling, for example, as well as run ab initio computations. He can also make use of the Gaussian support to predict various qualities of the structure or model being analyzed.

There is also a supplementary version of the utility meant for use with the iPad that allows users to view 3D models created by ChemBio3D Ultra. The iPad version is incapable of producing models in itself, although it can import and view them as well as export and share files with other users.

Download Chem3D Ultra from the developer

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Download Chem3D Ultra (external link)


File types supported by Chem3D Ultra

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About file types supported by Chem3D Ultra

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Last updated: : July 13, 2014