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Caligari trueSpace

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What is Caligari trueSpace?

Caligari trueSpace or simply trueSpace used to be a computer graphics software primarily utilized for generating commercial 3D films and animations. It was originally developed by a company brought by Microsoft called Caligari Corporation. The software is no longer available since mid of 2009 although certain support files of the software were still used up to the beginning of the following year.

trueSpace is a package that was designed for animation, modeling, as well as rendering. It featured an architectural plug-in that was utilized mainly for video editing and enhancement. It was equipped with a user-interface that was also suitable for beginners. Its latest version was trueSpace 7 which highlighted real-time designing capabilities that can be enhanced collaboratively with different remote users. This version is equipped with collaboration server that could be manipulated and shared among different users.

Caligari trueSpace also featured technology that supports visualizations. Among its main tools were Global Illumination, radiosity, and HDRI. In terms of modeling, the software also made use of meatballs, NURBS, and Subdivision Surfaces. The different objects created with the software can likewise be shared with Active Worlds.

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Last updated: : December 1, 2022