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Bio-Rad iQ5

If you are looking for Bio-Rad iQ5, you have come to the right place. We explain what Bio-Rad iQ5 is and point you to the official download.

What is Bio-Rad iQ5?

The Bio-Rad iQ5 application is an optical system program meant for use by scientists or researchers working in strictly regulated settings. The program is basically a data manager specially designed to deal with data produced from experiments involving polymerase chain reactions, otherwise known as PCR. These reactions represent a critical piece of research technology for scientists working in genetics, and Bio-Rad’s iQ5 software is intended to support the gathering of data concerned in these reactions, as well as the analysis of said data.

The software requires a user log-in that users can supplement with password protection to ensure data security. Managers can also generate user roles and restrictions so that research team members only get to access the features of the software that their team roles allow them. It has the tools necessary for gene study or gene expression results comparisons.

All data files on the program can be given an electronic signature for authorship and verification purposes. The program further improves its data management capabilities by keeping an audit trail as well as impartial event logs. Finally, it allows users to generate reports as PDFs.

Download Bio-Rad iQ5 from the developer

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Download Bio-Rad iQ5 (external link)


File types supported by Bio-Rad iQ5

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Last updated: : January 11, 2015