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If you are looking for Band-in-a-Box, you have come to the right place. We explain what Band-in-a-Box is and point you to the official download.

What is Band-in-a-Box?

Band-in-a-Box is MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) software that provides the user with backup accompaniment when playing or singing a song. The software was developed by PG Music, Inc. to provide singers and arrangers with a program that will enable them to create musical arrangements complete with various instruments, from piano to bass, drums, strings and wind instruments.

The program features pre-recorded tracks that can be integrated into the musical arrangement. These include musical genres such as Jazz, Folk, Ethnic, Love Songs/Ballad, Rock, Pop, Classical, Country Rock and Rhythm and Blues.

The Graphical User Interface provides the user with the musical style that will help the user get started with the arrangement. There are 9 style options to choose from: Combo, Bass, Piano, Drums, Guitar, Strings, Melody, and Soloist and Thru. Choosing any one of these will enable the program to assign instruments that are appropriate for the style. Users can add or remove instruments to integrate their own choice of instruments.

The default file formats for the arrangements generated are SGU (no melody) and MGU (with melody). Users also have the option to export files to MIDI or WAV format. The software can be utilized on Windows or Mac units.

Download Band-in-a-Box from the developer

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Download Band-in-a-Box (external link)


File types supported by Band-in-a-Box

About file types supported by Band-in-a-Box

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Last updated: : January 20, 2013