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Autodesk Volo View Express

What is Autodesk Volo View Express?

The AutoDesk Volo View Express software was a web-ready engineering design markup tool. It was used as a viewing application for members of design teams or collaborating individuals within a design loop who did not have AutoDesk installed on their computers. It allowed them to open AutoDesk design files (DWG and DWF format files, for instance) without having to install AutoDesk, and thus permitted them to access critical data about new designs. Furthermore, its annotation tools let them contribute to that data by adding comments and other reviewing information to the file, which could then be accessed by the design team for the feedback to be evaluated.

The utility is no longer in production, however, as AutoDesk has replaced it with a new, more powerful markup application, AutoDesk Design Review. Volo View was able to view all design files at the original fidelity, access hyperlinks to files, make use of panning and zooming for an enhanced viewing experience, measure images, print designs as well as plot them, and open raster image files. AutoDesk Design Review was equipped with all the same features as well as a few more.

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File types supported by Autodesk Volo View Express

Our users primarily use Autodesk Volo View Express to open these file types:

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