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Adobe Premiere LE

If you are looking for Adobe Premiere LE, you have come to the right place. We explain what Adobe Premiere LE is and point you to the official download.

What is Adobe Premiere LE?

Adobe Premiere LE is a video editor software that is equipped with automated options for ease of use and ease of grasp. The software is developed and released by Adobe Systems.

Adobe Premiere LE is designed using an intuitive environment that makes the tools easy to access and navigate. There is also an Action Bar that provides options to users whether to perform the editing via Quick or Expert modes. Shaky and unstable footages and video clips can also be corrected using the software. Lighting problems are automatically repaired and other video flaws are likewise tweaked. The Insta-Movie tools provide all the polishing mechanism used for editing the videos.

The software is also equipped with technology that lets users embed quality music or sounds for the videos. Video files are also managed by the software and users may opt to use the ‘Organizer’ view so these files can be categorized, accessed, renamed, and searched easily.

Maps can also be integrated with the projects. This lets users remember the exact locations where videos are taken. Adobe Premiere LE also authorizes users to publish their work on the Web easily and video generated with the software can be viewed in any type of screen.

Download Adobe Premiere LE from the developer

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Download Adobe Premiere LE (external link)


File types supported by Adobe Premiere LE

Our users primarily use Adobe Premiere LE to open these file types:

About file types supported by Adobe Premiere LE

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Last updated: : July 31, 2013