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Opening PRX files

Did your computer fail to open a PRX file? We explain what PRX files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your PRX files.

What is a PRX file?

Files that contain the .prx file extension contain audio and video codecs that have been saved in the XML file format. These files are used by a variety of Windows multimedia applications. Many Windows multimedia applications have been reported to use the PRX file format, including the Windows Media Profile Editor.

The .prx file extension is also used by the FoxPro software application. FoxPro is an object-oriented programming language that was produced by Microsoft. When the FoxPro compiler application creates a file, the resulting file is saved using the .prx extension.

The Primavera Project Planner application also uses the .prx file suffix. These PRX files are compressed project files that have been created with the Primavera software program.

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About File Extension PRX

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