Opening PP files

Did your computer fail to open a PP file? We explain what PP files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your PP files.

What is a PP file?

Files in .pp format are data files developed by MET office. MET Office originally stands for Meteorological Office. It is the official national weather service of the United Kingdom and also regarded as a trading fund of the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.

MET Office is responsible for issuing Severe Weather Warnings for the whole United Kingdom through National Severe Weather Warning Service. Information about the weather conditions are gathered from technical and instrumental sources, then processing it through two IBM supercomputers. The processed information on meteorological and climatic data are then contained in .pp format which is used in forecasting and developing weather predictions for nationwide broadcast.

The data contained in .pp format files may include global surface temperatures, the accumulation of rainfall, wind intensity, and barometric readings. The .pp files are in a proprietary file format. For now, programs which MET Office are using can only read and interpret .pp files unless the files are converted. The .pp files are in binary but there are no known programs that can convert the file without changes in the original data.

Try a universal file viewer

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