Opening PKPASS files

Did your computer fail to open a PKPASS file? We explain what PKPASS files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your PKPASS files.

What is a PKPASS file?

The PKPASS file format was developed by Apple for their Passbook app. Files with the .pkpass extension are classified as encoded and encrypted files. Apple iOS 6 and later versions come bundled with the Apple Passbook app, which provides users with management tools for their electronic loyalty cards, movie tickets, boarding passes and so on.The content of these PKPASS files may include encrypted PNG images, signature data and JSON files that are associated with a boarding pass, movie ticket or loyalty card details in the Apple Passbook app. These details are normally transmitted via email to and from the data source and the Apple Passbook app.To open a .pkpass file, the user must have a compatible device that runs on Apple iOS 6 or later with the Apple Passbook app. These include more recent Apple iPhone and iPad models. These PKPASS files cannot be opened without the Apple Passbook app.

Software that will open, convert or fix PKPASS files

Try a universal file viewer

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