Opening JXR files

Did your computer fail to open a JXR file? We explain what JXR files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your JXR files.

What is a JXR file?

The .jxr format is a bitmap image file type that is found in image files that store the image data made primarily by Microsoft for its image viewing and editing applications. The .jxr format stands for 'jpeg rx' that means 'joint photographic expert group- extended range'. It is different from the typical .jpeg file format.

From the meaning itself, the .jxr image file format supports deep colour images with an extended range up to 48-bit RGB. It's used for a high-resolution and high- definition professional image editing. The JXR file format is intended to allow better compression rate and it features enhanced color accuracy compared to the standard JPG files. Both lossless and lossy compressions are supported. It is also has a tile structure support that enables the image to be subdivided into tiles. Each tile contains image data that can be decoded individually. This enables rapid access to parts of an image without needing to decode the entire image.

Try a universal file viewer

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