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Opening IFV files

Did your computer fail to open an IFV file? We explain what IFV files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your IFV files.

What is an IFV file?

The Indeo Video Format or the .ifv file extension is a digital and a movie file type that is very similar to H.261, or MPEG-1 video formats. Today, users will find it hard to look for videos that are in .ifv extension since it is not used frequently anymore. There are a lot of video codecs that are now out in the public which caused .ifv to become nearly obsolete. However, some media players, like MPlayer, still support this format and some computer games still contains cut scene videos in Indeo video format.

The Indeo video format was supported by both Windows Video and Apple QuickTime software. Microsoft supported Indeo codec to Microsoft Windows XP. There are still old movies and videos that are in the said format, so having players that can play .ifv files might come in a handy. To name a few, these video players can handle .ifv types: GOM player, DivX, Avidemux, and Windows Media equipped with essential codec pack.

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About File Extension IFV

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