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DVRPlayer Applications

What is DVRPlayer Applications?

DVRPlayer Applications or the DVRPlayer app comes from meyetech and is essentially a smartphone program intended to give users the ability to view live CCTV streams on their mobiles. The program can be found in editions for different platforms, including Android and the Windows Phone OS. On the latter, however, it is compatible only with versions starting from Mango and none earlier.

Users can access the live feeds on their security cameras through the program, which uses the Internet to receive feed data. Of course, in order to gain access, a user will need to know a device’s particular address, its port, its name, and the password to its data. Once the program has established the connection, the user is immediately presented with the feed, as well as a set of buttons that allow him to interact with the video in various ways: he can rewind the video if it is recorded, zoom into it or zoom out of it, take a snapshot of a particular moment, and switch from one camera to another in multicamera installations. It can be used not just for viewing feeds from security cams but also for other installations, such as nanny cams.

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File types supported by DVRPlayer Applications

Our users primarily use DVRPlayer Applications to open these file types:

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