Opening HTA files

Did your computer fail to open a HTA file? We explain what HTA files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your HTA files.

What is a HTA file?

The .hta file extension is a file format used in html applications. HTA embody the program that can be run from the HTML document. HTA contains hypertext code, VBScript or JScript code depending on the program set up. An .hta executes without being confined on the limiting factors of the security context of the browser that it is also treated as a fully trusted application. HTA are in text format so text editing programs can be used to edit the said files.

HTA files are basically HTM with enhanced privileges. When encoding, HTA allows the developer to have the features of HTML together with the advantages of scripting languages that sometimes are not present for html- based. HTA are common for Microsoft system administrators who utilize them for full-scale applications to system administration. HTA can also create, edit and remove files and registry entries which are not also available to certain html execution.

Try a universal file viewer

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By Prof. Jones (The File Expert)

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