Opening GO files

Did your computer fail to open a GO file? We explain what GO files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your GO files.

What is a GO file?

The. go file extension is used to identify source codes that are made using the GO programming language. Go is primarily developed by Google to address some of its software problems and to address the complex issues in using C++ language. Public usage of Go began in November of 2009. GO files are mainly in plain text format. They contain scripts, instruction codes, and commands in creating programs designed to manage softwares and hardwares.

GO files are to be compiled first before using them as a program. There are two compilers that can link GO files, GC and GCCGO. GC or GO Compiler is a standard compiler of codes and commands that are processed on default, while GCCGO (GNU Cross Compilation- GO Compiler) is a different implementation with a different focus. Compared to GC, GCCGO is slower in compiling but it supports more powerful optimization access. Programs compiled with GCCGO run 30% faster compared to GC- based.

Try a universal file viewer

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