How to open CM0013 files

Did your computer fail to open a CM0013 file? We explain what CM0013 files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your files.

What is a CM0013 file?

The CM0013 file format is used by the Apple Finder software. This program is the default file management tool of Mac OSX computers. These CM0013 files are automatically created and stored by Apple Finder in portable data storage units and external hard drives upon connecting these disks to a Mac OSX machine.Apple Finder may be storing machine ID details among other connection logs and hardware-related specifications in these CM0013 files. Other firmware components of devices from Western Digital and Samsung among others may also create and store these CM0013 files in portable data storage units and external hard drives. These devices may include smart TVs, multimedia centers, digital video recorders and so on.A .cm0013 file is saved in simple text format. Any supported text editing software like Notepad, Apple TextEdit and so on may be used to open these CM0013 files. However, it's best to leave these .cm0013 files alone because it doesn't contain any information that may be useful for users. It's also safe to delete these CM0013 files from your portable data storage devices and external hard drives.