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A2R File

What are A2R files and how to open them

Are you having problems opening an A2R file or are you simply curious about its contents? We're here to explain the properties of these files and provide you with software that can open or handle your A2R files.

What is an A2R file?

An .A2R file is an A2R Disk Image file.

The A2R file extension is associated with A2R Disk Image files, which are used to store disk images of floppy disks designed for the Apple II computer. The Apple II popularized the concept of a personal computer during its heyday in the late 1970s and early 1980s, with its design continuing to be praised for its versatility and expandability.

A2R files are backups of data stored on floppy disks, comprising the disk's structure and contents. They can be used to secure important information and move data between various computers or systems.

A2R files may be created via disk imaging software, allowing for a digital duplicate of the floppy disc. These can then be mounted through said software or through a virtual machine configured to acknowledge the disk image as a real floppy disc, thereby providing access to its information.

A2R files, once popular to store data on floppy disks, are generally no longer typically seen in modern use as newer storage devices have become commonplace. Yet they can be helpful in retrieving information from antiquated disks.

How to open A2R files

Important: Different programs may use files with the A2R file extension for different purposes, so unless you are sure which format your A2R file is, you may need to try a few different programs.

We have not yet verified any programs for Windows that work with this specific file format. If you know one, please use the 'Suggest a program' link below. Thanks!

Last updated: January 27, 2023

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