The Unknown File Handler from

Our Unknown File Handler is a small helper application that kicks in when you try to open a file you do not have a viewer or player for.

The Unknown File Handler lets you select whether you want to visit the website, or if you want to let Windows handle the file the way it normally does.

On our site you can find descriptions of thousands of file types. We have people working round-the-clock tracking down information about files and updating the site with new information to help our users, and you can also find safe and tested software that can open the type of file you need a viewer for.

The Unknown File Handler puts you in control and offers you more options than the standard behavior of Windows. We hope you like that!

How do I get it?

You can download it here: ufhsetup.exe.

You may also be offered to install it when you download other products from this and partner sites (software bundling). The product installer must always display prominently that Unknown File Handler is also installed, and optimally offer a way to opt-out of the installation.

How do I uninstall it?

Please read this page: How to Uninstall Unknown File Handler.

EULA and Privacy Policy

Please read the End User License Agreement and our Privacy Policy before installing Unknown File Handler.