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What is ZaraRadio?

ZaraRadio is radio scheduler and programming software developed by Kero Systems. It has a full automation for radio broadcasting in the computer. The software allows users to schedule any radio broadcasting which involves processes. Users can define time as it is synchronized with the computer’s clock. Also, users can determine the weather automated announcements given that Weather Watcher is downloaded and installed. In addition, users are offered with the use of several formats for audio files and formats, do overlap, enable tags, configure fades, and voice tracking.

For its useful features, ZaraRadio enables silence detection, password protection for its settings, and the DTMF tone detector. Furthermore, the software support for up to 5 different Soundcards, automatic audio-playlist file detection, time, autodelete, logs system, directly connect and "resend" any web radio stations. One of the versions of ZaraRadio is the ZaraStudio 2.2 which provides additional features. It supports audio formats like MP2, MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, and OGG. In addition, it provides solution for radio automation and works with any Windows-compatible sound card hence; it does not rely on any server. Moreover, users can have DTMF tone detection without additional equipment, complete events module to set the schedule, contact closures detection through the parallel port, and crossfade between audios.

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