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WellSight Log Viewer

What is WellSight Log Viewer?

The WellSight Log Viewer is a software utility used to view and read well logs, an important analysis tool in drilling. A mud log is the creation of such a well log, where instruments are used to examine and analyze the borehole caused by a drilling method; this procedure usually involves lithography analysis of the rock from the borehole brought to the surface. A mud log is so-called because the drilling medium is usually mud and a well log because reading such analyses came from drilling for water wells, but are now used for exploration of petroleum and natural gas deposits. Mud logs are read using a software called a mud log viewer, one of which is WellSight’s Log Viewer.

The WellSight’s software is free and allows users to not only view such logs, but also to print strip log files, although it is limited in that it cannot create or edit existing log files (WellSight offers another program for this, but it’s a paid application under their STAR.LOG suite). It can print header information of a log file, and users can also choose which part of the log file they want to print (for example a day’s drilling instead of the entire log).

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File types supported by WellSight Log Viewer

Our users primarily use WellSight Log Viewer to open these file types:

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