What is Toribash?

Toribash is a 3D martial arts simulation game developed by Hampus Soderstrom. In the game, players are pitted against each other, two at a time. Each player takes turns analyzing and creating their next move before actually implementing it. This feature of game play categorizes Toribash as a turn-based game.

It employs ragdoll physics for the fight scenes, where body parts are connected by hinges. When any one of these connected body parts is severely damaged, it may be fractured, or worse, dismembered. Combination moves may be executed by each player, where the more severe the damage, the higher the score that the inflictor gets.

A player may also be removed from the game or disqualified, if any restricted body part goes outside the set boundaries, or hits the ground. Players move up to the next level based on their skills. As each player gets better and better, they will earn a martial arts belt.

Toribash is a free game that can be downloaded from the Internet, either through the game’s official website or through an affiliate site. It can be played on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and WiiWare.

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Download Toribash (external link)

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