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Timing Analyzer

What is Timing Analyzer?

The TimingAnalyzer is a tool for generating timing visualizations—diagrams, as it were. While the diagrams may be generated on an automated basis (through simulation VCD or VHDL files), they may also be generated through Python scripting. Another option would be to create them using the application’s graphical user interface.

The software allows users to add pulses of different types easily to their diagrams, and also allows users to set various parameters and constraints. Of course, the user can also set colors, font styles, and other visual elements of the diagram as desired. Furthermore, users with scripting experience can generate customized functions so that their control over the application is truly personalized. Even more complicated diagrams can be quickly produced too through scripting.

The application has undo and redo controls, as well as annotation tools and documentation utilities. All the diagram files are text formatted. The application is powered by a very accurate engine—one with accuracy rated at up to 1x10-15 sec. It keeps track of the last 20 files opened by the software for quick reference and loading, and also has an image previewing function.

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File types supported by Timing Analyzer

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