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What is TiLP2?

TiLP2 is a linking program developed by The TiLP Team and came about after a project that aims to generate a linking program for multi-platform functions was handled by the said team. The platform is also designed using TI Graphing Calculators.

Its interface has been designed and written using the Gimp Toolkit or GTK+.. The platform was also created using a DSP, short for Digital Signal Processor which was obtained in Texas using the instrument TMS320C31. The very first version of this platform was also capable of obtaining chronograms.

Among the supported handhelds of TiLP2 are NSpire-CAS. TI73, TI82, Titanium, TI83, TI83+, V200, TI84+ to 86, Spire, TI89, and TI92. This linking program is capable of creating folders and managing files. Apps can also be removed and reactivated easily with this platform. ROM dumping as well as sending and receipt of Flash Apps are likewise possible using this multi-platform program.

TiLP2 is also designed to be functional with different types of link cables including GrayLink, DirectLink ParallelLink, SilverLink, virtual VTi, BlackLink, and virtual TiEmu . This can be used in various systems including Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux.

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