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What is TicTacPhoto?

TicTacPhoto provides a broad range of Photo Products which users can assemble themselves on their computers. With its free intuitive page layout software, users will be able to fully personalize their photo products, allowing them to decide over anything. All of TicTacPhoto’s Photo Products are made using the TicTacPhoto software, which can be downloaded from its website. Once users have finished the layout of PhotoProducts, it will only take several minutes to order them online.

This software can produce a printed photobook with the user’s digital images, from 30 up to 120 pages with many photos. These pages are bound professionally into substantial padded leatherette, or a linen outer cover. Users can also pick their desired colors and completed sizes to bring a sturdy and stylish album. Users can improve this album by adding different features. Every printed leaf can be separated by opaque glassine paper. Text can be printed on the front cover, and spine in a silver or gold embossed font. For added strength and fashion, users can also decorate their album with silver or gold color covers. TicTacPhoto prints these pictures onto 250 gsm stock, and covers each page in a UV protective layer for strength and durable color.

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File types supported by TicTacPhoto

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Last updated: : September 8, 2014