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The Sims

If you are looking for The Sims, you have come to the right place. We explain what The Sims is and point you to the official download.

What is The Sims?

The Sims is a strategic video game using life simulation as its gaming platform.  This means that the video game characters or virtual persons are guided by the real-life activities or routine of a person in the same environment, for instance, a suburban neighborhood or a high-rise industrial environment.

It is created by video game developer Maxis, with Electronic Arts as its publisher and marketer.  It was designed by SimCity video game designer Will Wright.  It runs on Windows OS, Mac OS, mobile devices and portable gaming consoles like GameCube, PlayStation and Xbox.

In The Sims, the player is given a 20,000 Sims currency called Simoleons to start a house or a develop a lot.  Players can simply purchase what they need, including a house, using the Buy Mode, or develop the entire structure using the Build Mode.  There are over 150 items for buying or building components.  The players then customize these components based on the square tile system, which must be followed strictly. 

Like real people, the virtual characters created in The Sims can interact with each other and conduct social activities like entertaining guests or watch TV.  The game has an option where the Sims can have free will and interact on their own.  However, major will-enforced activities like paying bills, getting a job and Sim relationships are still controlled by the players.  The player advances when there is least neglect in taking care of the virtual characters.      

Download The Sims from the developer

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Last updated: : August 14, 2012