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What is TARGIT?

TARGIT Decision Suite recommends data discovery tools, reporting, self-service business analytics, and dashboards in one integrated solution. Users can work together in a department using their own software and systems. TARGIT aims to support the decision-making process in a fast-paced world. TARGIT Decision Suite adheres to the philosophy that decision makers need to have intelligent and quick choices regarding business. TARGIT Decision Suite will guide users from data observation, to orientation, to logical decisions that give them the strength to act. Once the organization becomes more integrated with Business Intelligence and Analysis, the Action loop will spin much faster.

TARGIT Decision Suite dashboards that can be built and modify, helping users make rational business decisions. They can also get details on any figure found in their Dashboard, or make an analysis from scratch by using the Intelligent Wizard. With just a click, users can set up an automatic agent who informs each member about the status of their goals. TARGIT Decision Suite will also let every member know how close they are to achieving their goals, or if these goals have already been attained through its storyboards.

Download TARGIT from the developer

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File types supported by TARGIT

Our users primarily use TARGIT to open these file types:

About file types supported by TARGIT

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Last updated: : August 21, 2014