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Strokes Maker

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What is Strokes Maker?

Strokes Maker from Vectools is a unique program marketed as a solution for those who need to convert raster graphics to vector image. While many other image editing programs have rudimentary tools for this sort of conversion, the Vectools Strokes Maker will generally outdo those basic alternatives due to the strength of its raster-to-vector algorithms. More precisely, Strokes Maker does not just convert raster images’ outlines into vector graphics: it can capture myriad details, shades, and features of the image that other conversion applications would not.

The program generates images that are equivalent to digital engravings, being composed of thousands of intersecting lines. The lines are comparable to cross-hatches in traditional drafting and render it possible to generate fully-detailed, black and white vectorized versions of a raster image like a photo of a person. Resulting images are also similar to halftoned images printed on black and white publications—unlike those halftones, however, they are fully scalable and rendered in ultra-high quality. The program is not complete yet, even if it is already operational, and the developer began a Kickstarter campaign for it in September 2014 to help him obtain funds for the estimated 5% of work required to complete the application.

Download Strokes Maker from the developer

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File types supported by Strokes Maker

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Last updated: : November 29, 2022