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What is StrePla?

StrePla is a development and analysis program for glider pilots.Users can scroll directly from one map sheet to the next. All maps are scrollable, zoomable and have Airspace representation. It has appropriate handling of turnpoint and route catalogues, a diagram of FAI-Areas, time planning relative to the current weather and automatic estimation of routes with different rules. It also has PC-met integration, and straight contact with most of the flight computers and loggers for loading and reading the turnpoint and route catalogues, as well as the flight direction.

A Google Earth view of detailed maps is available within StrePla. Users can't see the glider from outside the cockpit, but they will be able to view the runway, airport buildings and other details. StrePla displays a 3D model of the glider the user flew. The StrePla installation automatically positions glider models for 2 glider types.

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File types supported by StrePla

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