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What is StepMania?

StepMania is a rhythm video game originally created by Kanami. It was released last 2001 to be a simulation game similar to the other rhythm game such as, Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). StepMania was first created by Chris Danford for Kanami. The game supports different dance rhythm patterns and simulations and was released under the MIT license. Due to the game's flexibility in rhythm patterns, it was then made as a game engine for Pump It Up Pro and In the Groove rhythm game. In fact, the game was included in the New York's Museum of the Moving Image game exhibit last 2005.

The StepMania's gameplay is much similar to Dance Dance Revolution. The player will get to press the corresponding arrow keys on the keyboard. Its speed is determined by the beat of the song played in a round. Great timing should be carefully dealt when pressing the arrow keys. The player will earn scores based on how accurate he responds to the rhythm or beat of the song. The scores in StepMania are presented in letters. The player can get the highest score of Triple A. This score means that the player has successfully pressed the keys in the right timing of 0.0225 seconds. Apart from the standard keys, the game also offers other keyboard strokes which make the stages more and more challenging. There are Mines (Shock keys) wherein the player must avoid pressing such key or it will reduce their life points. There are also Holds (Freeze keys), requiring player must hold down the corresponding key until the duration of the key passes the line. Rolls (Tap keys) will let the user tap a certain key as to how many times it displays on the screen. The score in this key is based on when the player lifted his finger from the key. This key is usually colored gray in the screen indicating a warning that it must be executed.

The game also supports other modules or input devices for a better experience. Players can use dance pad that can be connected to the computer, allowing the player to use their feet do the tapping. Moreover, the game also supports PS2 and Xbox controllers. Players can also add modifications in the game. They can import custom songs that are in .mp3 or .egg formats. The game only accepts songs that has a stepfile or also called as simfile. Players can also change the theme of the game. They can add scripts using the LUA language. They can determine simple to a sophisticated background which may affect the difficulty of the game.

StepMania runs on most operating system. The game also supports other platforms such as Xbox, iPad and mobilephones that are Linux based.

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Last updated: : January 31, 2014