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StarOffice Base

What is StarOffice Base?

StarOffice Base is the database application that is included in the StarOffice productivity suite developed by StarDivision. The suite was originally distributed as proprietary software, until its source code was released to the public, making if an open source productivity suite now distributed as freeware.

The application is generally utilized to manage databases created with StarCalc, the spreadsheet app of the suite. It may also be utilized to manage an Oracle database, which is a server-based database program.

When a database is accessed from StarOffice Base, the main window of the app displays the following database types: Tables, Queries, Forms and Reports. When one of these is selected, the viewing window is divided into two panes: one for tasks, and one for the type of database, i.e. Tables.

Under Tasks, the user may do any one of the following: create a table in Design View, use a database creation wizard, or create view. Right next to each of these options is a short description of the task highlighted by the user.

Under the chose database type, i.e. Table, information about the database is provided: identifier, type, address, author, and book title.

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File types supported by StarOffice Base

Our users primarily use StarOffice Base to open these file types:

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