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What is STAAD?

STAAD (Structural Analysis and Design) software is a program originally developed by Research Engineers International; and which is now being further developed and distributed by Bentley Systems.

The software provides the user with pre-defined command keywords, which can be utilized to enable the program to perform analysis based on the command parameters used by the engineer. For instance, to define length units and force units, the user can use the command keyword UNITS; while for nodes and their respective locations, the command keywords are JOINT COORDINATES. Once all parameters have been set by the user, the keywords PERFORM ANALYSIS will go on to enable the program to automatically calculate all variables, and perform analyses as determined by the user. FINISH commands the program to finish the run. Generally, the three final commands before analysis begins are: PERFORM ANALYSIS, PRINT (to define output of the analysis) and FINISH.

The program utilizes the Matrix Displacement Method, also known as direct stiffness method, for analyzing structures, using local and global Cartesian coordinate systems.

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File types supported by STAAD

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Last updated: : March 14, 2022