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What is sPlan?

With the SPLAN CHECK-IN solution, users will be able to keep track of their students and staff’s check-in and check-out records with ease. Users will never have to worry about potentially losing their check-in or check-out sheets, or getting ready for the Licensing Authority units. The SPLAN Check-In solution is a provider of the check-in and check-out software. This software is made especially for the needs of preschools. It contains real-time email and SMS alerts, allowing parents to have a piece of mind when it comes to safety and security concerns.

The SPLAN School Check assists schools in keeping track of the school bus through the use of GPS systems and CCTV cameras. The school’s management will get to witness the bus’ path and it scheduled route, allowing them to keep an eye out and take immediate action when something unusual happens. Meanwhile, parents will also get to track the bus’ arrival and departure schedules, making sure that their child is safe. The sPlan Check-in Solution can also manage student records and track student attendance by scanning ID cards with portable scanners. It also automatically sends email notifications to parents when a violation is committed.

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Last updated: : August 13, 2014