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What is SoundSaver?

SoundSaver is a program used for exporting music tracks from analog media—a program that “saves the sound” from old storage media like tapes and LPs before the medium can degrade, in other words. The program is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X and is designed to be usable on the first attempt, i.e. user-friendly enough to preclude the need for experience or a manual in making sense of how it works. There is a tutorial included in the software in case it is needed, however.

Some versions of SoundSaver are shipped with hardware: a connecting cable that can connect to most analog media players and link them to a digital device such as the user’s computer. But the main draw is of course the software: the SoundSaver program is equipped with audio-restoration algorithms and tools that allow the user to capture the audio he is trying to archive without compromising on its quality. It also has archiving tools that simplify transfers by letting users save metadata for multiple files from the same album and define tracks automatically upon extraction. It can export tracks in a number of formats.

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File types supported by SoundSaver

Our users primarily use SoundSaver to open these file types:

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Last updated: : July 20, 2014