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Sonic Foundry Vegas

What is Sonic Foundry Vegas?

Sonic Foundry Vegas was a computer program that served as the predecessor to today’s Sony Vegas Pro software. Sonic Foundy was purchased by Sony in 2003, but they were already distributing Vegas before that: their version of the program, prior to Sony’s takeover and revisions of it, was an audio editor, as opposed to the video editor that Vegas Pro has become in Sony’s hands.

Sonic Foundry Vegas was a multitrack audio file editing program, comparable to Cubase. It was equipped with a then-unusual ability to chain effects through the Track FX button, and the ability to support direct waveform editing for tracks. As many as 32 effects could be combined into an effect chain. Event splitting was possible for easier separate event editing and users were provided with a number of options for event management, from temporary muting of an event to locking it. Users were even able to loop events in practically a single click.

Users could create their personal song navigation points by creating markers for certain parts of their work. Sonic Foundry Vegas was also equipped with multi-level redos and undos.

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