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SmartSound Sonicfire Pro

If you are looking for SmartSound Sonicfire Pro, you have come to the right place. We explain what SmartSound Sonicfire Pro is and point you to the official download.

What is SmartSound Sonicfire Pro?

Sonicfire Pro [version 5 as the latest] lets you customize your music using its features on your computer. It provides a multiple track timeline interface with a video window to help you fit in your music to your videos. It features Express Track, a search tool that will help you look for the track quickly. You will simply enter the numbers to indicate the exact length of the music track you want to create. Custom Length Music is a patented technology of SmartSound that helps you save time editing your music. It will make your music fit for your scene.

Mood Mapping enables you to change instrument mixes through your timeline. You can make sparse intros, remove instruments you don’t want and hide instruments behind the dialog. It adapts your instrument to the mood of your production. You can control up to 9 different layers of instruments. You can use mood keyframes, preset mood mix, moving moods and transition time.

Timing Control lets you create a story by lining up your music with your visual events and still maintaining the length and rhythm of the music. It features beat alignment, section changes, hit files insertion, spotting tools, perfect positioning and cycle through hits. You can export AIFF and WAV audio, and your soundtrack and movie together. You can resize a music track in many ways such as dragging the handle to the point where you want to set your new ending.

Download SmartSound Sonicfire Pro from the developer

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Last updated: : December 6, 2012