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What is SmartPar?

SmartPar is a free utility, running exclusively on Microsoft Windows platforms, that enables the manipulation of PArchive (or Par, hence its name) format parity files. In simplified terms, SmartPar allows the correction of errors and recovery of missing parts from a PArchive files. Supporting the original Par1 implementation, SmartPar utilizes the Reed-Solomon code to create new recovery files, via the recovery of any number of real data-blocks of the equivalent number of parity data-blocks detected. SmartPar now uses the Par2 standard that bypasses previous limitations on its data recovery capabilities.

SmartPar was originally conceived due to the absence of a tool to effectively recover data from RAID or RAID-like local disks, which was especially useful on networks such as Usenet where posting and recovery of multi-part archives are common and essential. This allows users working with Par1 and Par2 files to protect data without creating voluminous recovery files; media like video and audio can remain usable with still having recovery data associated to them.

Download SmartPar from the developer

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File types supported by SmartPar

About file types supported by SmartPar

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Last updated: : July 7, 2014