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What is SeqBuilder?

SeqBuilder from DNASTAR is intended for use by life scientists who need a sequence editor, mapper and annotator. It supports virtual cloning too via the Gateway multisite, TOPO, TA, and restriction techniques. All the user needs to do is choose the vector and insert, after which an automated helper performs most of the work. The program is also equipped with facilities for making custom primer pairs. Furthermore, the program’s visualizations for sequences are many and varied to suit different needs: from split-pane displays to more complex circular displays, users can select the type of graphic best for representing their sequences. They can also customize displays as needed.

The software has all the critical construct editing tools expected of sequence editing applications. Restriction sites can be set to show based on different parameters, users can perform searches with utilities such as the BLAST application, the program is interoperable with other Lasergene applications for better data and edit sharing, and drag and drop is supported when opening databases. The program’s sequence-to-annotation links are also dynamic, so all feature coordinates respond instantly when the user makes alterations to a sequence.

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File types supported by SeqBuilder

Our users primarily use SeqBuilder to open these file types:

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