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What is SecureDownloadManager?

SecureDownloadManager, typically shortened to SDM, is software from Kivuto Solutions, Inc., formerly known as e-academy. The software provides a safe and secure way to download learning or educational software from the WebStore.

Educational institutions have partnered with Kivuto to provide affordable educational software to students. These partners, through WebStores, provide the software to their students and employees. When a client purchases software for the first time, a prompt will appear to inform them that they need to download and install the software, SecureDownloadManager.

The software is bundled with downloads for Windows and Mac computers. The user will only be prompted once to install the software. Future downloads of software from affiliate educational institutions online, through WebStore, will no longer require downloading and installation of SecureDownloadManager; provided the user has not disabled or uninstalled the software from the computer.

The software does not only provide security for downloading software, it also enables the user to download multiple files at the same time, resume downloads from where it stopped, and supports downloading of files over 2 GB large.

Download directly from the developerDownload SecureDownloadManager (external link)

File types supported by SecureDownloadManager

Our users primarily use SecureDownloadManager to open these file types:

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