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If you are looking for SciTE, you have come to the right place. We explain what SciTE is and point you to the official download.

What is SciTE?

SciTE or SCIntilla is released in 1999 and written by Neil Hodgson using the Scintilla editing component. This software is a Text Editor application designed mainly for source editing and syntax highlighting with inline function reference to support a variety of languages. For customization, users can alter the settings by editing the configuration of plain text files. Users can have different settings for different editing projects and languages which allows code folding, shortcut keys, syntax highlighting, fonts, and tabbing.

Also, the Lua program embedded in SciTE supports 36 different programming languages including code formats. With this, users can write Lua scripts that can access content from the Scintilla API and buffer. With the Lua program, the editor functionality can turn automatic conversations between line separator styles as well as in detecting Unicode files. Furthermore, the SciTE allows users to export text files in PDF. Site or SCIntilla Text Editor’s features include code folding, regular expression replaces with subgroups, copy formatted, Replace in Selection, support for variable width fonts, abbreviations, find in files, and multiple selection.

SciTE’s editing layout comprise of multiple tabs that contain a source and a display of output which had been previously run.

Download SciTE from the developer

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Download SciTE (external link)


File types supported by SciTE

Our users primarily use SciTE to open these file types:

About file types supported by SciTE

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Last updated: : November 14, 2013