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What is scalc?

SCALC is a type of software tool which was specifically made to assist people in producing different types of specialized calculations, with only little effort. Since this tool is portable, it does not need to be installed. Meaning, the Windows registry will not be updated with new items unless it is approved by the user. Another important feature in this program is that users will be able to put all of their program files inside an external data device, such as a USB thumb drive. They can take SCALC with them wherever they go, and run it in any PC.

SCALC’s interface is typical for a command-line utility. This means that certain users won’t be able to work with it without experiencing problems, especially those who don’t have enough experience with computers. This program opens with a list of calculations that users can take advantage of. It is possible to compute a screw’s diameter by placing the screw number, as well as process interpolation, fractional degrees, scaling and max, median, min, and median. It can also calculate the standard deviations. When it comes to making computations, SCALC is a recommended piece of software, especially to those who want to handle command-line utilities.

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Last updated: : September 27, 2014