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RWD uPerform Client

If you are looking for RWD uPerform Client, you have come to the right place. We explain what RWD uPerform Client is and point you to the official download.

What is RWD uPerform Client?

RWD uPerform’s goal is to simply exploit the workforce performance, and eventually, achieve the goal of the users’ organization. This program can address the loss of accrued organizational information, as well as the challenges of enabling a broad workforce. It also deals with the usage of comprehensive technical 1 applications, by giving away tools to capture information, assisting in the retrieval of this information, and helping the users ready their respective workforce for changes. All these things can be achieved by encouraging their personnel to share their knowledge. Not only does RWD uPerform give away online and context-sensitive assistance, but it also provides users with a detailed electronic performance support system (EPSS) which can access courses and procedures. Aside from this, RWD uPerform also gives its users a smarter way to share their own tricks and tips with authors, as well as with other users.

RWD has introduced the RWD uPerform to build up users’ present capabilities by introducing an authorizing environment. This produces a single-source document and supports the fast development and delivery of eLearning content and student guide.

Download RWD uPerform Client from the developer

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Download RWD uPerform Client (external link)


File types supported by RWD uPerform Client

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Last updated: : September 9, 2014