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What is RVS-COM?

RVS-COM, especially RVS-COM Professional, is a comprehensive ISDN solution. This ISDN, voice and fax server allows organizations to do away with standalone servers for each of the communications systems they use, integrating fax, voice and ISDN communication channels on a single server for greater efficiency and simpler maintenance. The range of communications covered is exhaustive, including file transfer, both G3 and G4 fax, e-mail, Eurofile transfer, answerphone, videotex, BBS, remote control, telephony, and more. Essentially, as long as a computer/user is on the LAN served by the central server, that computer/user can access all the ISDN communication hardware connected to the local area network. The central computer—where all the maintenance and administration take place—is basically the RVS communications server for the network of computers, which can access the communication systems described above.

The program is also scalable, being capable of adapting to suit the user’s network environment. Compatible with both the 9x and NT versions of the Windows operating system, it is capable of integrating fax and voice comm. capabilities completely into the MS Exchange Server for users who have larger networks set up.

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File types supported by RVS-COM

Our users primarily use RVS-COM to open these file types:

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